Vintage-Style Jug Finds

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Home Decor, Seasonal, Shopping, Style

I’ve been on the hunt for a vintage milk jug for a while now. I checked a few antique shops in the last few months but nothing jumped out at me, or what I did find was too over priced. I wanted something I could keep inside for now, and move it outside come gardening season (and no I don’t have much of a green thumb).

I actually stumbled upon this one accidentally, and literally. The top had come off this one and I tripped over it at Home Sense. I slapped the lid back on and realized what it was. I flipped it over for the price and saw it was $39.99. I have seen them from $60-$200 so this was definitely the cheapest one yet, and I loved the look of it.


I brought it home with me and figured I could add a few faux pieces to it that I had from Michaels. Voila! I’m not sure if this piece will make it outside come gardening season because I love it where it is but we shall see.


I had a few of you message me after I posted the picture on my Instagram feed about where I purchased it from, so thought I would source a few for you. For my US followers, Home Sense is comparable to HomeGoods, so if you find something you like you need to snag it because there is no guarantee they will have it next time.

The first one I found from Pier1 and I actually love this one.


This retails for $49.95 CA, so a little more than what I paid for mine.

Although it is hard to see in the picture, you can remove the lid and add some faux stems to it as well, or real plants come warmer weather. I LOVE the distressed look on this one and really ties in the farmhouse-modern feel. This one is 25 inches high so it has some decent height on it which was something I was looking for.

This one I came across on Amazon and it looks very similar to mine.


This galvanized milk jug is definitely more pricey ($142.77 CA) and more rustic looking. This one is only 13.75 inches high, so if you’re looking for something with a little less height, this one is for you.

I chose these ones on Wayfair because they are just so stinking cute; retailing at $101.99 for the pair.

Brigantine+Farmhouse+Round+Iron+2+Piece+Milk+Can+SetWith these, you have the option of keeping one inside and one outside, and they both have great height. I love the distressed look on these and the ear handles. The large one is 20 inches high and the smaller one is 17 inches high. These also come in red but I much prefer the white.


Happy shopping, friends!

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 6.04.39 PM

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