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I had read some amazing reviews about a new contour concealer by Tarte called Shape Tape. I didn’t really start using concealer until after I had babies. Newborns bring a whole new meaning to bags under the eyes. Am I right? I had tried several concealers in the past and never found one that I really loved and figured I might as well test this one out. Off to Sephora I went, only to find out Shape Tape was not available for purchase in any Canadian stores. Ugh. It was exclusive to Ulta, or had to be ordered from Tarte directly.

I ended up purchasing one that I was told was similar to Shape Tape by NARS. I have to admit, it was probably the best concealer I had tried up to that point. Shortly after this, a girlfriend of mine was travelling to the US and said she was going to pay a visit to Ulta so I told her she HAD to pick up some Shape Tape concealer. I did some research to best guess which shade I would be, but told her to use her judgment in the end.

I was so excited to try it and boy oh boy let me tell you, it did not disappoint.


The first thing I noticed was how thick the applicator brush was (is that what it’s called?). The brush was more than twice the size of any concealer brush I’ve used, specifically the one by NARS. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Radiant Cream Concealer by NARS, it is definitely impressive and the price point is what you would expect with a decent cream concealer ($37). Typically I apply it under my eyes in the shape of a scalene triangle, a plus sign in the middle of my forehead and chin, and then a strip down my nose. I then use a beauty blender (wet slightly) to blend it into the highlight areas.

This is where Shape Tape steals the show. The coverage is phenomenal. I can do all of the mentioned areas of my face in one swoop whereas with the NARS concealer, I have to insert the applicator for each area of my face.


Look at that applicator! See what I mean?

As for the coverage, Tarte chose the perfect name for this contour concealer because that’s exactly how it goes on your skin. It’s smooth, light and the coverage is amazing. The shade I wear is “Light”, and I have fair skin with pink undertones. I will however opt for a darker shade in the summer.

It is long lasting and the coverage stays put the entire day, without the need for reapplication. The only area that could use a little touch up by the evening is my nose, because I have an oily T-zone.


If you have the chance to test out Shape Tape, I highly recommending doing so. If not, my second recommendation would definitely be NARS Radiant Cream Concealer which is available from Sephora.

(I’ve also heard great things about Tarte’s Shape Tape Matte Foundation, so I am adding that to my list of products to try.)

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