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New Year! New Blog!

I am SO excited for the redesign of pink & blue! My web designer Alicia Jones (from Alicia Jones Creative) and I had many conversations about the vision I had for pink & blue and what the brand means to me. We went back and forth a few times over some things and she was so amazing with perfecting my vision.

I remember my first phone conversation with her, back in October and she totally stumped me on the most BASIC questions.

“What do you envision for your website? What is your brand?”

I drew a blank.

I mean, I had ideas and vision boards in my head, but I wasn’t really sure I could explain what I wanted it to be. I mean, I have been a blogger for over 7 years (less than a year with pink & blue); and have always used a host blogging site. Even with the upgraded business membership, you have major restrictions with what you can do. For those of you who aren’t familiar (for those that are, stay with me): you are restricted to a “theme” which basically populates the look of your blog for you. You have a few fonts you can chose from (even those are limited) but the overall layout isn’t something you can’t change. Restricting your creativity sums it up.

WordPress isn’t very widget friendly either, and that was a huge struggle for me –  particularly with my “Shop my Instagram” section of my blog. One of the biggest complaints I would receive from followers was clicking on my links to shop items. Trust me, I get it. It was horrible. That being said…you NEED to go and check out my Shop My Instagram page now because it 100% what I have always envisioned.

Now…the actual flow of my blog posts makes me so happy! I wanted readers to be able to quickly scroll through my most recent posts; and still be able to easily search and access older posts. I love how you can now see a brief blurb from each post without having to scroll through entire posts to reach an older one.

Overall, I am so happy to have launched my new site for pink & blue at the start of a new year.

2019, let’s do this!

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