National Geographic Kids Weird But True!

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Maxton started reading at a young age, and when I say started reading,  I mean just that. We never really taught him how to read, he just started reading one day. He loves all kinds of books especially books full of random facts.

When we started reading the National Geographic Kids Weird But True! books, Maxton started sharing random facts he found interesting from the books. His favourite book would have to be Canada, Weird but True! – which is actually the first country specific Weird But True! book.  It celebrates what’s wonderful and wacky about our country, with facts, stats, tidbits and trivia that are all weird, but true! I love seeing his reaction to various facts. Some he giggles over; some he asks me to confirm that they’re actually true; and some make him say “eeewwww”.

We live in an electronic world, and it’s nice to see him curl up with a book that strengthens his reading and provides him with a  fun science/history/georgraphy lesson. It’s the perfect way to encourage curiosity, engage kids, and have them unplug.

We have started reading a few pages every night before bed. He reads a few pages and I do the same – it is something fun we do together.

2018 marked 10 years for the Weird But True! book series! To celebrate this milestone, the 1-10 series has been totally updated with new blingy covers and 50 more facts to appeal to a whole new generation of young readers. Did you know Weird But True! has been the most popular department in National Geographic Kids magazine since its inception? I can see why!

These books are also very affordable, retailing for $10.99 in Canada, and $7.99 in the United States. A portion of all book purchases help support National Geographic’s exploration, conservation, research and education projects.

You can purchase yours today from Indigo, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, Target, Walmart, Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Do you have a weird fact about your hometown, province, or country? Enter the Weird But True! Canada Contest by January 31, 2019 at 

We have entered ours!

Happy reading!

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