My Favourite Denim Pants & Jeans

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We are finally experiencing spring weather here so I think it’s safe to bring out the light coloured denim. I was so excited to dig out my favourite white pair of distressed jeans and a cute pink denim pair that I picked up recently for a very affordable price.

I recently shared some of my favourite thermals and waffle knits with you, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite pairs of denim pants and jeans with you. I didn’t spend a lot of time styling looks for them; I just wanted to show you how they fit and a basic style for each.



The first pair are my all time favourite jeans from Abercrombie. These are the Harper Low-Rise Super Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash. They are $94 but they have sales often, so you don’t have to pay full price. I also have them in the light wash, but I prefer the medium wash. I love where they sit on my hips (not too low) and they are comfortable. This is definitely my go to pair. You can even cuff the bottom on warmer days to make them more of an ankle jean.


The second pair I purchased last year from H&M. These are their Super Skinny High Jeans and are under $25. The only thing I don’t like about these is they don’t have any “give” to them. If you’re feeling a little bloated (let’s be honest, we all have those days), you won’t want to wear these; and the front pockets are fake. Other than that, I love the fit of them.


The third pair are the Mid-Rise Pop-Colour Rockstar Ankle Jeans in pink from Old Navy. These are under $37 and I love them! I got them on sale for under $20 and they come in four other colours. They fit great and I love this shade of pink. They are comfortable too, and I just love the look of ankle jeans in the spring.


The fourth pair are yet again, the Harper Low-Rise Super Skinny Jeans, this time in white from Abercrombie. They too have a price tag of $94, but like I mentioned, they always have sales. I like having a pair of white distressed jeans and a regular pair. It just depends what look you are going for. Personally, if I am looking for a more casual look, I throw on the distressed pair.


The last pair are the Dream Jean High-Waisted Jegging in Royally Light from American Eagle. These have a higher price point at $114 a pair but again, wait for a sale. Let me just say, these jeans live up to their name. These jeans are so comfortable and look like they are painted on. They fit so well and I love the washed look. Imagine wearing a pair of spandex pants with all the give; these are the denim version of that. Again, you can also roll the bottoms up to your ankle if you have a nice pair of sandals you want to show off.

Keep in mind, you can have one or two that are you go to pair and you can style them differently every day. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy multiple pairs for different looks. Like I said, you can turn a full length pair of jeans into ankle jeans by rolling them up. The pink pair I dress up for work with a pair of heels and a pretty top and then on the weekend I pair them with sandals and a t-shirt. Play around with your wardrobe and get creative!

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