Maxton & Everly’s Holiday Gift Guide

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If any of you out there are last minute shoppers, you will want to take a look at this Gift Guide for Kids. This guide came right from the source: my littles.

I asked both kids for three things they think other kids would like for Christmas (I’m sure they answered for themselves) and they delivered.


So here ya go:


Maxton’s Gift Guide:

Hover Board


This kid goes big! He has seen a couple on YouTube, and his school was giving one away as the grand prize for a fundraiser, so it’s been in his head. Warning! These are not cheap! They are expensive and can be difficult to master. You need to have a wicked sense of balance; and I honestly think he is too young for it anyway, but if you older ones (maybe 10+) and are looking for a bigger gift, this may be perfect for you.

Price Range: $200+

Video Games


Maxton loves his video games. We have a Nintendo Switch, which he got for Christmas last year, and has since accumulated a few games. His suggestions are Mario Odessey, Fortnite and Hello Neighbor. Two of these are rated “T” for teen so I suggest monitoring their playing and enable parental controls if that’s a function you have. I don’t let Maxton play anything too violent and watch when he is playing. If you are looking for something more interactive, there is the Nintendo Labo. This allows them to put together a DIY kit that is crafted to work with the Switch. It’s actually pretty neat.

Price Range: $30-$80



Maxton has always been into Lego. I have been buying him the kits that are a little harder to assemble and a little more complex. He does need help sometimes but it’s fun to do with him and to watch him play with it afterwards. He has a range of different kinds from LEGO City to Star Wars to Batman to Ninjago. I am a full supporter of all things LEGO!

Price Range: $25-$200

Everly’s Gift Guide:

Hatchimal Egg


Not the little ones; the big one. Her words. These little creatures that hatch before your eyes that you’re able to interact with. I think they are a little creepy to be honest, but for some reason kids love them.

Price Range: $50-$90



Boy do my kids ever love slime! We have made homemade slime, I have bought the kits to make slime, and I have bought ready made slime. I don’t know what it is about it that they love so much but it’s definitely a favourite.

Price Range: $5-$20

Cash Register


Who didn’t love playing store as a kid? I actually found a really cute cash register at Ikea and it’s one both of the kids can play with together. This particular one does not require batteries, comes with play money and two credit cards and it’s a great price. I actually give the kids old expired credit cards to play with, which they think is cool.

Price: $19.99

Happy shopping to all you last minute shoppers. Don’t worry, I’m with ya!

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