38 Weeks – Final Pregnancy Post

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38 weeks! I can’t believe this is my last pregnancy update! There are moments where it feels like this pregnancy has flown by, and others where it feels like I have been pregnant forever.

38 Weeks

Sickness: No sickness, still having wicked heartburn in the evenings/overnight. I am still taking the prescription my OB gave me which has been a lifesaver. (Even Ultra Strength Tums weren’t doing the trick anymore.)

Aversions: None!

Cravings: My citrus cravings are still going strong! Lemonade and OJ DAILY. Watermelon and nectarines have been my go-to fruits lately.

Fatigue: My insomnia is still so/so. I find I am usually waking up between 3am and 4:50am every night. I can usually fall back to sleep by 6am which is good, but I would love a full night’s sleep (no chance of that now).

Movement: I laugh when I read the baby sleeps 90% of the time at this point. This babe is always active, showing off its athletic abilities.

Delivery: Not a lot has changed in hospitals here since the start of COVID. One support person is allowed and still no visitors. I am disappointed the kids won’t be able to come and visit the baby in the hospital but it is what it is.

Gender: Still unknown! I do have a feeling though…

Nursery: Project nursery is complete! Well, minus the curtains and a couple of small touches here and there. I decided I wanted to wait until I knew the gender to finish off the little things. The IKEA furniture was a nightmare but it all worked out in the end. If I can offer some advice, it would be to NOT order anything from IKEA online, for delivery. Just sayin’. I cannot wait to share the full nursery reveal on here soon!

COVID-19: We are currently in stage two of re-opening the economy. There are still a lot of restrictions and our province still remains under a state of emergency. I think I will sit down in a few weeks and write a full blog post on what it was like being pregnant during a pandemic; and how different this pregnancy was with COVID, compared to my other two.

Melasma: One thing I have not mentioned in my other posts, is something I developed this pregnancy. It has actually become more pronounced in the last few weeks with the heat wave we have been experiencing (30+ degrees celcius daily the last couple of weeks) and my increased exposure to the sun.

I actually had a sunspot before pregnancy under the corner of my right eye that I was treating with a Retenoid cream and it was helping; but, I had to stop using the cream when I found out I was pregnant. The spot has since darkened and gotten larger, and I have developed another spot just over my eyebrow of the same eye. I am really hoping they fade after I have the baby but it has also made me aware of how important sunscreen, moisturizer’s with SPF and hats are. The sun is so strong and we need to protect our skin. I will keep you posted on how my Melasma is after delivery.

Names: We have finally settled on a first and middle names for a boy, and narrowed it down to a couple for a girl. Sometimes you can’t decide until you meet the baby and see what name suits him/her best.

My next post will be a baby annoucemet so stay tuned! Thank you for coming along this pregnancy journey with me. 🙂

Stay safe friends!









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