34 Week Update

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I am a little behind with an update but things have been BUSY! Life is so crazy right now, and most days feel like a blur. I am currently 34 weeks and this will be my second last pregnancy update before baby arrives! Crazy!

33 Weeks

Sickness: No sickness, still having wicked heartburn in the evenings. My OB actually gave me a prescription for when Tums just don’t cut it.

Aversions: Still not a big fan of handling raw meat, but it’s manageable.

Cravings: My citrus cravings are still going strong! Lemonade and OJ DAILY. There were a couple of weeks where I was obsessed with plums (which isn’t great because over the last two years I have developed a mild allergy to pitted fruits). The last week I have been eating a ton of watermelon; and a blizzard from DQ on occasion.

Fatigue: My insomnia is so/so. In my 28 week update I mentioned that my insomnia was getting better and I think I jinxed myself. I am back to being awake for hours in the night. It makes for long days when working frome home and homeschooling. Luckily I am almost done work, and that will make a huge difference. Most days I am making an iced coffee in the afternoon which gives me a jolt of energy to last the rest of the day.

Movement: Kicks and movements are constant and the kids get a kick out of seeing the baby roll around in my belly. I am starting to have a lot more Braxton Hicks and increased pressure.

Delivery: How things will look at the time of my C-Section, are still unknown. As of now, you are allowed one support person at the hospital, and no other visitiors. I don’t think that will change in the coming weeks.

Gender: Still unknown! I do have a feeling though…

Nursery: Project nursery is a work in progress, but has come a long way. It is painted, the wallpaper is up, and the crib is assembled. The glider and light fixture arrived last week and I LOVE them – especially the chandelier. I have had my eye on it for almost two months, waiting for it to go on major sale – I was so happy when it finally did! The rest of the nursery is pending my IKEA order which is set to arrive mid-June (fingers crossed everything is in the shipment) and then a few finishing touches here and there after baby arrives. Stay tuned, I will share soon!

COVID-19: We are currently in stage one of re-opening the economy but our province is still seeing a high number of cases daily. Stores with street entrances are slowly opening with precautionary measures and social distancing practices in place. Not much else has changed and there are still a lot of restrictions. Our province still remains under a state of emergency and will be until at least the end of June. I still haven’t been anywhere since mid-March and have just been doing all of my shopping online. It’s definitely strange and this pregnancy has been very isolating. I have so much anziety about everything but try to just take it one day at a time.

Stay safe friends!









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