28 Week Update

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Hello, hello! I hope everyone is staying home, staying safe and staying healthy! Here I sit at 28 weeks, wondering where the last 7 months went!

28 Weeks

Sickness: No sickness, still having wicked heartburn in the evenings. No late night snacks for this Mama.

Aversions: Nothing! Chicken aversion is gone; although if I can avoid handling any form of raw meat, I will!

Cravings: Still having citrus cravings. Lemonade and OJ DAILY. With staying home, I have been baking a lot more (with Everly) so that has been helping with any cravings I’ve had for sweets. Anyone else baking a lot more these days?

Fatigue: My insomnia is actually better. I still haven’t slept through the night in about 22 weeks, but, when I do wake, I am able to fall back to sleep much quicker now (for the most part). So happy to not be laying wide awake from 2-5am! Mid-afternoon is often a struggle. Some days to get through work and homeschooling I need a second cup of coffee or a tea. I haven’t napped at all, athough I am starting to think I should probably start doing that soon…

Movement: Kicks and movements are constant and the kids get a kick out of seeing the baby roll around in my belly. It never gets old.

Delivery: How things will look at the time of my C-Section, are still unknown. As of now, you are allowed one support person at the hospital, and no other visitiors. When July rolls around, things may be a little more relaxed or may be the same.

Gender: Still unknown!

Nursery:┬áProject nursery has started, with some minor hiccups. As of today, the first coat of paint is on the wall and I am SO excited to be partnering with Livette’s Wallpaper for the feature wall in the nursery! I am in love with the gender neutral wallpaper I chose and cannot wait to share it with you. We placed an order with IKEA a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately they are dealing with major shipping delays and the order won’t be arriving until mid-June. I am just going with it and it will get done when it get’s done. I hope to have everything done and origanzied before the baby arrives but if not, that’s okay. He/she won’t know the difference. ­čÖé I will share more on the nursery very soon!

COVID-19:┬áNothing has changed here in the last four weeks with COVID-19. The government has discussed plans to re-open the economy but no timeline in doing so. I think we still have a ways to go considering the number of new cases our province is seeing daily. We are healthy and that’s what is most important.

Stay safe, and STAY HOME.









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