Home Sense Spring Finds

On my hunt for paper plates for Easter, I came across some great Spring finds at Home Sense. I wanted to share a few affordable ideas with you.

They had some really cute spring wreaths (I will share mine soon), and I loved this one for only $19.99.


This one also came in pink.

I came across these and thought they would look cute on a window ledge or on a shelf.

The circular one would also be nice on a wall, in an entry way, in a mudroom or in a kitchen. (Left: $29.99; Right: $19.99)

I thought these were SO CUTE and would be perfect in a cottage. They are definitely more pricey, but if I had a cottage the blue one would have definitely come home with me.


The price point on these were $149.99 but would make for a great storage piece. Perfect for wine glasses, bottles, and little knick knacks. Really though, how cute are they?!

These pieces I LOVED and I really wanted to bring the lantern home with me. It’s like a cross between a lantern and a chandelier. This piece was $39.99, but a decent size. You could set it in the middle of a table or hang it from a gazebo or pergola. The little artificial faucet planter was adorable. I loved the colour of it and its rustic vintage charm; it would be perfect in a garden and was only $29.99.

Last but not least I came across a vintage tool box and had so many ideas for it. It was only $14.99 and it was right beside the cutest yellow potted faux plant that was $12.99. They both came home with me.


I added a candle to it, a small faux plant and some wooden beads.

I hope these inspired you with some home decor ideas for Spring!

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 6.04.39 PM


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