20 Weeks: Half-Way

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I guess it’s finally time to share my first pregnancy update, now that I am at the half-way mark :p. 

Sickness: The first trimester was tough. I had morning sickness (all day sickness) with both Maxton and Everly, and this pregnancy was no different. The evenings/overnight is when I felt it most this time around. Thanfully I have been feeling better the last couple of weeks and stopped taking Diclectin, completely. I stopped taking it with both Maxton and Everly around the 17-19 week mark.

Aversions: CHICKEN. Did I mention chicken? I cannot stand the sight/smell of raw or cooked chicken. I had the same aversion with Maxton but it’s more intensified this time around. Handling raw meat has also been challenging, although it has gotten better over the last few weeks.

Cravings: Citrus. Specifically lemonade. I have been loving OJ in the mornings and if I am home you can almost guarnatee there is a glass of Simply Lemonade (my fav brand) nearby. I had the same craving when I was pregnant with Everly. 

Fatigue: I have to say the fatigue this time around has been different. I’ve had insomia from the very beginning which isn’t something I expereinced with my other two kids. I had trouble sleeping near the end of the third trimester for obvious reasons, but this time I have been having 2-3 hour gaps of time in the middle of the night where I am wide awake. I don’t have any trouble falling asleep, I have trouble staying asleep. I asked my OB if there was anything I could take to help and he said “A warm bath.”

Movement: I did feel little flutters around 11 weeks and started feeling actual movements a couple of weeks ago. Last week I was able to feel movement on the outside, which never ceases to amaze me. That feeling of tiny kicks never gets old.

Delivery: This baby is already scheduled to be delivered via c-section. Everly was also a scheduled c-section. I have shared Maxton’s birth story on here before and the complications that led to me to require c-sections in the future. It makes things easier to plan out ahead of time as well; but c-section recovery is never easy. With Maxton, I laboured, fully dialated and pushed before the emergency c-section so that recovery was HARD. With Everly, Maxton was only 23 months old, so recovering with a newborn and a toddler was HARD. This time around the kids are older and will be so helpful (I hope). 🙂

Gender: It’s a secret! We don’t know either. In my opinion, there is no better surprise than the moment the baby is born. 9+ months of guessing and anticipation.

I will check in with another update soon!









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