Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve put together a short gift guide for some inspiration.

Kate Spade Rose Gold Leather Hybrid Watch: Not only is this watch gorgeous, but it tracks your steps, sleep and other habits and sets personal goals! It’s currently on sale for under $222.

Breathe Mama Breathe: I have shared this book on Instagram so many times before. If you are looking for a great book for a Mama with littles, this is the one; and it is currently under $13!

WineCollective: This I actually stumbled upon accidentally, but if you have a Mama who loves wine, this gift is for her. It’s a monthly subscription where wines are carefully selected for you based on your lifestyle and price point. You can choose red or white, or a combination of the two. They currently have great Mother’s Day packages available. I will be sharing more about WineCollective later.

Essential Oil Diffuser: I have two of these in my home and I am really happy with them. I keep one in my bedroom and one in the living room; and they are currently on sale for under $17.

Instant Pot Cookbook: If you follow me on Instagram (@pinkandblueblog) you know how much I love my Instant Pot. I have heard great things about this cookbook and I’m definitely going to have to scoop it up as it’s currently on sale for under $12!

Pandora Perfect Mom Bangle Gift Set: This bracelet is stunning and the Mom charm is too cute! This piece is currently on sale for $110.

I hope these ideas sparked some inspiration or you. Happy Shopping!

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Asobu Bottles

If there are two things I can’t stand it’s cold coffee and warm water. I NEED to have hot coffee (which is sort of an oxymoron when you have little ones) and I NEED to have cold water. I don’t know why, I have just never been a fan of room temperature water. So when I first heard about the Asobu products and the length of time their bottles kept things both hot and cold I was excited to test them out, and boy did they deliver.


I have both the Diva Cup Vacuum Beverage Container (in white) and the Le Baton Travel Bottle (in white copper) and they both keep my coffee piping hot. The Le Baton specifically keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 8 hours. I love the sleek and modern design of the Diva Cup (15oz), and the Le Baton Travel Bottle (17oz) not only keeps my coffee hot, it’s so stylish with its matte finish. I wouldn’t toss that specific travel bottle in my purse though because the matte finish is more likely to stain. That’s just the OCD in me talking.


Hydration! The double wall stainless steel Oasis Water Bottle comes in six trendy colours, and I have it in the peach. This one is 20oz and it stays cool for up to 24 hours! I forgot it on my desk at work one night and when I came in the next day the water was still cool! I love the design of this bottle and it’s not clunky looking and fits well in my purse; AND it’s dishwasher safe.


One of my favourite products from Asobu is the Fresh N Go Air Tight Tumbler. This is pure genius. This bottle comes with a built in pump to vacuum insulate smoothies and shakes, to keep them fresh and preserve all the health benefits of your favourite nutritious drinks! It also comes with a straw, mixing ball and recipe book; and it’s available in six colours (I have it in blue). Even my littlest one thought it was “super cool”.



I am a huge fan of these products and if you head over to my Instagram @pinkandblueblog I am sharing a coupon code to save you 20% off your next purchase.

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My Favourite Denim Pants & Jeans

We are finally experiencing spring weather here so I think it’s safe to bring out the light coloured denim. I was so excited to dig out my favourite white pair of distressed jeans and a cute pink denim pair that I picked up recently for a very affordable price.

I recently shared some of my favourite thermals and waffle knits with you, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite pairs of denim pants and jeans with you. I didn’t spend a lot of time styling looks for them; I just wanted to show you how they fit and a basic style for each.



The first pair are my all time favourite jeans from Abercrombie. These are the Harper Low-Rise Super Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash. They are $94 but they have sales often, so you don’t have to pay full price. I also have them in the light wash, but I prefer the medium wash. I love where they sit on my hips (not too low) and they are comfortable. This is definitely my go to pair. You can even cuff the bottom on warmer days to make them more of an ankle jean.


The second pair I purchased last year from H&M. These are their Super Skinny High Jeans and are under $25. The only thing I don’t like about these is they don’t have any “give” to them. If you’re feeling a little bloated (let’s be honest, we all have those days), you won’t want to wear these; and the front pockets are fake. Other than that, I love the fit of them.


The third pair are the Mid-Rise Pop-Colour Rockstar Ankle Jeans in pink from Old Navy. These are under $37 and I love them! I got them on sale for under $20 and they come in four other colours. They fit great and I love this shade of pink. They are comfortable too, and I just love the look of ankle jeans in the spring.


The fourth pair are yet again, the Harper Low-Rise Super Skinny Jeans, this time in white from Abercrombie. They too have a price tag of $94, but like I mentioned, they always have sales. I like having a pair of white distressed jeans and a regular pair. It just depends what look you are going for. Personally, if I am looking for a more casual look, I throw on the distressed pair.


The last pair are the Dream Jean High-Waisted Jegging in Royally Light from American Eagle. These have a higher price point at $114 a pair but again, wait for a sale. Let me just say, these jeans live up to their name. These jeans are so comfortable and look like they are painted on. They fit so well and I love the washed look. Imagine wearing a pair of spandex pants with all the give; these are the denim version of that. Again, you can also roll the bottoms up to your ankle if you have a nice pair of sandals you want to show off.

Keep in mind, you can have one or two that are you go to pair and you can style them differently every day. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy multiple pairs for different looks. Like I said, you can turn a full length pair of jeans into ankle jeans by rolling them up. The pink pair I dress up for work with a pair of heels and a pretty top and then on the weekend I pair them with sandals and a t-shirt. Play around with your wardrobe and get creative!

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Mascara: L’ Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise vs Arbonne It’s A Long Story

For years I have been using Arbonne’s It’s A Long Story Mascara, and I have loved it. It’s not clumpy, it doesn’t flake throughout the day, it’s water-resistant and longwearing, and it actually smells nice with it’s pea and bamboo extracts. It creates the look of longer fuller lashes with it’s flexible brush with uniform-bristles to apply the mascara, for lash-by-lash definition. I really love the brush and how it separates and lengthens each lash. What it doesn’t do is make your lashes appear thicker. While it does such an AMAZING job of separating and lengthening, it doesn’t give that “thicker” look.

I recently heard that L’Oreal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise was a great dupe of the Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (which I have tried), so I thought I would try it. I was VERY impressed.


This one does not lengthen the same way as the It’s A Long Story, but I find it does add a lot of volume to my lashes. Yes, it does look more clumpy, but it’s worth it. Two coats is the perfect amount and it is also longwearing. It does come in waterproof and I am wearing blackest black. The only thing I found I didn’t like was it does flake a slight amount throughout the day. Nothing crazy, but I don’t find that happens with It’s A Long Story. I like the size of the brush and how thick the bristles are.

Sorry for the creepy eye photo, but here is a close up. On the left I am wearing Lash Paradise, and on the right I am wearing It’s A Long Story.

I did not use an eyelash curler for the pictures to give you more of a true glimpse of each product on its own, but I do (always) use an eyelash curler with both because I have dead straight lashes.


L’Oreal is much more affordable: $15.99 at Shoppers versus Arbonne’s at $49. After trying out Lash Paradise I think I prefer it over It’s A Long Story. Don’t get me wrong, I still love It’s A Long Story but I prefer the thicker fuller look which I get from Lash Paradise.


IMG_2891This is not to say I won’t be purchasing It’s A Long Story again, I am just impressed with the volume from Lash Paradise.

If you are looking for something more lightweight, already have fuller lashes and are looking to lengthen and separate them, It’s A Long Story is the one for you. However, if you are like me and need the volume and fuller look, I highly suggest you try Voluminous Lash Paradise.

(This is not a sponsored post)

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My Favourite Thermals & Waffle Knits

I’m a huge fan of thermals and waffle tees. I love how soft, loose and comfy they are. Dressing up for work five days a week makes me appreciate the casual cozies that come with evenings and weekends.

I thought I would share four of my favourites with you.


First is the Out From Under Jojo Oversized Thermal Button-Front Top from Urban Outfitters. I have it in Ivory, but it comes in eight other colours. It is so soft and I love how loose the fit is. They do run large but I would not recommend sizing down. It’s $54, but I got it when it was on sale and on backorder. I am wearing a small.


Cute, right? This one is definitely my favourite.

The Cozy Rib Button-through Tee from Abercrombie is similar to the one from Urban Outfitters, but cheaper. It’s $40 but is currently sold out in all colours, and I also got this one on sale. The buttons on both of these are functional. I am wearing an XS.

(I shared these two thermals in my Instagram Stories (also saved in my story highlights), so if you’re not already following me, go give me a follow @pinkandblueblog.)

This Socialite Cowl Neck Waffle Knit Top is $52.29 from Nordstrom and I got on clearance for under $25. I love how loose the cowl neck is and the length is perfect to wear with either jeans or leggings. It comes in a few colours but this plum colour was my favourite. I am wearing a small.


Last but not least is the Out From Under Oversized Cozy Thermal V-Neck Top in beige from Urban Outfitters. This one is $54 but I got this one on sale as well. I love wearing this one with a bralette and it’s very lightweight, perfect for the spring. It would look super cute with some distressed denim shorts too. Again, I am wearing a small.

IMG_1032 3

It comes in three other colours and fits true to size. I am wearing a small.

If you’re looking for a cute thermal or waffle knit I would recommend any of these but the ivory thermal is definitely my go to these days.

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Home Sense Spring Finds

On my hunt for paper plates for Easter, I came across some great Spring finds at Home Sense. I wanted to share a few affordable ideas with you.

They had some really cute spring wreaths (I will share mine soon), and I loved this one for only $19.99.


This one also came in pink.

I came across these and thought they would look cute on a window ledge or on a shelf.

The circular one would also be nice on a wall, in an entry way, in a mudroom or in a kitchen. (Left: $29.99; Right: $19.99)

I thought these were SO CUTE and would be perfect in a cottage. They are definitely more pricey, but if I had a cottage the blue one would have definitely come home with me.


The price point on these were $149.99 but would make for a great storage piece. Perfect for wine glasses, bottles, and little knick knacks. Really though, how cute are they?!

These pieces I LOVED and I really wanted to bring the lantern home with me. It’s like a cross between a lantern and a chandelier. This piece was $39.99, but a decent size. You could set it in the middle of a table or hang it from a gazebo or pergola. The little artificial faucet planter was adorable. I loved the colour of it and its rustic vintage charm; it would be perfect in a garden and was only $29.99.

Last but not least I came across a vintage tool box and had so many ideas for it. It was only $14.99 and it was right beside the cutest yellow potted faux plant that was $12.99. They both came home with me.


I added a candle to it, a small faux plant and some wooden beads.

I hope these inspired you with some home decor ideas for Spring!

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Easter Table Decor

My Mom always hosts Christmas and Easter dinner but this year I said I would host Easter dinner. A few things you may not know about me 1. It doesn’t take much to stress me out (like…Easter dinner stresses me out lol), 2. I may have a mild case of OCD and 3. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. There are both positive and negative aspects to these qualities but probably more negative when you have 10+ people coming for dinner.

Originally I had 16 people coming for dinner (my parents are divorced so there are more than two sides of the family) so I figured I would have the kids at a kids table, 8 adults at the dinner table two at the breakfast bar, and the rest could pull up a chair close by and use their laps as a table. Not ideal but you do what you have to do.

The list is now at 12 so it’s a little more manageable. I will have the kids table and then 8 adults at the dinner table and I will squeeze in there somewhere. I thought I would share my table set up with you.

Before I do…I shared in my Instagram stories this week, the idea of using paper plates at Easter dinner. Originally this was my plan, but then my dinner guest list grew and I decided I couldn’t have people trying to cut meat on paper plates on their lap, so I went with plastic plates. At the end of the day I could have used paper plates because we will all fit at the table but I am happy with what I chose. (Let me just say though, paper plates are a great option for dinner and you can get some really cute patterned plates out there. Check out some of the patterns I chose under my Motherhood story highlights on my Instagram account.)

For photo purposes, I have set my table with six settings which does include a leaf in the table.

I’ll start with the place settings. The placemats, napkins and table runner I picked up from Home Sense and they were very affordable. I love the texture difference and how much the simple stitching on the napkin adds to the overall look. The dinner plates, dessert plates and cutlery are all plastic! It doesn’t look like it, right? I am very impressed with how the place settings turned out. I purchased the dinner plates, dessert plates and cutlery from Party City.

The candlestick holders and flower vines I purchased from Michaels, on sale! The vine is actually meant for wreath decor and I purchased it for under $10.

The white pails I purchased for under $2 from Michaels (on clearance) and the eggs are also from there and I purchased them when they had buy one get one off their Easter decor. I think it cost me $9 for two bags of eggs. They are definitely something I will use from year to year.


It’s amazing what fresh flowers can add to a table. I wanted something simple, modern and vintage and I think I pulled it off. It can get expensive when it comes to Holiday decor but if you shop around for what you’re looking for, you can save a lot of money.

DSC_0536 2DSC_0531 2

Elegant is sometimes defined as simple. I kept the colour scheme to pastel colours, specifically turquoise, pink, white and cream. This also tied into my the curtains I have in my kitchen, which worked out perfectly.

I am loving how my Easter table turned out. Don’t be afraid to keep your china in the cupboard and go with something easy like paper or plastic. You can still achieve elegance with simplicity.


Happy Easter, friends!

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