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Hi! I’m Helen, and welcome to pink & blue. Some of you may have followed me over the years over at Mama’s Baby Steps and for those of you who didn’t, thanks for stopping by! I am 32-years-old and a mother of two AMAZING kids. My son Maxton came bouncing into the world at a whopping 11lbs in August of 2011, and my daughter Everly was born in July of 2013. I started my previous blog in October of 2011, shortly after my son was born as an online journal of sorts. I felt like as a first time Mom I had a lot to say and surely some of it would be entertaining to read. Over the years my blog (and love for blogging) evolved and I decided I needed something more encompassing, which brought me here. You will see a variety of posts here from motherhood to food to fashion to DIY’s and everything in between. I hope you all enjoy the read!


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